Order in the Heart

As a class, we made a presentation on toxic relationships and created a court case based on an abusive relationship. This website was designed to display information on the case that we portrayed. We first decided on how many pages we were going to have and the content of each page, and then we split up the workload and started working on our own pages. After we finished each individual page, we then had to figure out a way to put them all together. We decided to send all the files to one computer and compile it there. It was definitely a challenge to work together while being on separate computers and all having different ideas but overall, we were able to come together and create a great website.

Project Details

  • Class: Advanced Digital Media
  • Type: Web Design, Web Development, Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Role: Header, Footer, and Homepage
  • Date: Early 2018
  • Website:orderintheheart.com
Project Project Project Project Project Project

When it comes to working with me, it's not just about details,
perfection, and result. It's also about you, your ideas,
my planning, and a little fun.