Low-Poly Lion

The task of this project was to create a colorful animal theme using Adobe Illustrator. We were challenged to use gradients, feathering, and transparency to make it look at realistic as possible. My take on this project was to take an image of a lion and to take many different triangles to fill in the nose, eyes, mane, and mouth. Some of the challenges were that the image of the lion cut off halfway through the hair so when I reached that point I had to freehand the rest of the mane. Another problem was that when the face was all filled in with triangles that the face was lost. To combat this, I decided to leave the face blank so that you could tell it was a lion.

Project Details

  • Class: Advanced Digital Media
  • Type: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator
  • Role: Entire Project
  • Date: Early 2018

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