The goal of this project was to take a person and recreate them in Illustrator. The teacher wanted us to learn how to use shading and blending to make it look as realistic as possible. My take on this project was to take an image of Emma Watson, and I started with the eyebrows and eyelashes. From there I continued with the face working from the eyes to the chin and hair. After I had the basic structure of the face, I started adding high and low lights to give dimension to her face. Once the dimension was added, to smooth out the colors, I added a blur effect and came with the final project. The hair was created with the blend tool, and I used the 2-step setting to give the change in color in her hair.

Project Details

  • Class: Advanced Digital Media
  • Type: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator
  • Role: Entire Project
  • Date: Early 2018

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